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From just £3.49 our domain names come with many features not available elsewhere

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Easily transfer your domain to A Host of Spirits for just £4.99 and get a year's registration added to your domain name for free (.com, .net, .org, .info and .biz).

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We use only Dell servers in our web hosting platform, utilising state-of-the-art technology we have built a web hosting platform that is second to none. Our platform is designed in such a way that if any server fails another server automatically and without delay takes over that servers workload. For example if one of our mail servers were to break down, another server would automatically come online, with all the correct configuration and take over the work of the failed server. In this period no email would be lost. You can see a demonstration of our control panel here.



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'A Host of spirits' is dedicated to providing you with the best service there is in website hosting and domain name hosting.
We have two teams of specialist available to you:-


Team Technical support:
Of course, we have the normal technical support team who will answer your technical queries
with the speed and professionalism expected of a top grade hosting company.


Team Spiritual Support:

'A Host of Spirits' was started by a team of spiritualist mediums and psychics who understand the needs of those who are building and running spiritual websites. We appreciate that you may not have the technical expertise needed to build the website you need. We understand how frustrating it can be dealing with hosting companies who do not understand where spiritual people are coming from. Hence our spiritual hosting package with two teams of experts. Talk to the spiritual support team about how to achieve the personal touch with your website.